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Boma Alberton

New Redruth, Alberton (map)

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Boma Alberton

At a time when the arts are not well supported, the BOMA Alberton Theatre draws a steady stream of both seasoned and new theatre patrons. The magic formula – an informal, festive atmosphere, quality entertainment and great value for money!

The rustic décor of a typical American ranch barn lends a quaint old world charm. The theatre has two levels and accommodates 350 people. Patrons can purchase a basket meal to enjoy at the Fire. Enquire about our Menu.

Three bar areas are available in the BOMA Alberton Theatre where patrons can sip a brew or two before and after the show. Patrons arrive well before show time to enjoy a few drinks, setting the mood for an evening of great entertainment.

BOMA Alberton Theatre is about friendship, food, good wine and brilliant entertainment!

BOMA Alberton Theatre can be reserved as a conference venue, if required.

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